The mission of Meeting With Christ is to present the message of the Synoptic Gospels over the Internet, by explaining clearly and concisely the words of Jesus-Christ.

The biblical teachings found in this Christian education ministry are based on the dedicated work of Pastor Eric Chang (1934-2013). Pastor Chang devoted a considerable amount of time to do a thorough study of the words of Jesus. He was able to communicate his thoughts to his church in sermons preached from 1976 to 1982. Meeting With Christ has retrieved these sermons and adapted them to this site.

Efforts have been undertaken to make these teachings accessible to all, so that no prior knowledge of the Bible is necessary. However, it is highly recommended that one reads the passages that are mentioned in each lesson as it progresses.

Each lesson, which has an average length of 30 minutes, explains the meaning of a biblical passage where the words of Jesus can be found. You will note the special care that went into the description of the exegetical reasoning. The lessons bring to listeners tools to investigate the major Christian doctrines, enabling them to develop their own theological convictions instead of being told what to believe.

The lessons have been designed to be listened to, and the presentation of the teachings reflects that intention. To make the content of the lessons more accessible to the listener, a transcript is also available.