MATTHEW 19:1-9

The Pharisees once asked the Lord Jesus this question: Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife for any cause at all (Matthew 19:3)? Divorce was an issue which divided the people in Jesus’ days. There were two schools of thought. The school of Shammai (conservative) said that a man may not divorce his wife for just any reason, but only for the grave reason of some kind of sexual immorality. The school of Hillel (liberal) said that a man may divorce his wife for almost any reason, e.g., for burning his food.
Today the problem of divorce is just as controversial, at least in societies influenced by Christian teaching. Opinions vary and interpretations differ. There are people who believe that divorce is never allowed by God no matter the cruelty and meanness that may exist. Others say that divorce can be allowed if the rift between a couple cannot be reconciled and causes more damage than good.

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