MATTHEW 22:23-32

The Sadducees were a political party of priestly and aristocratic tendency which became relatively influential in Israel at the time of Jesus. They had one particularity: they denied the idea of a life after death. The Sadducees accepted only the first five books of the OT as authoritative. For them, the Pentateuch was the supreme authority in matters of faith. And they maintained that since they could not find any explicit teaching on the resurrection in the Pentateuch, they did not believe in it.
In the passage that we are going to study today, the Sadducees asked Jesus a question about the resurrection in a kind of trick manner. If the resurrection were true, they argued, then impossible situations will necessarily arise, such as the one that they are about to describe. They knew that Jesus taught the resurrection. They were hoping to trap Him by exposing the weakness and absurdity of such a teaching. Let’s read this passage. Matthew 22:23-32.

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