MATTHEW 3:13-17

We will study today a topic that is not necessarily too popular nowadays. And this topic is about submission. Today we want to insist on equality. Equality of rights. Equality between the genders. Equality between the different races. Equality between the social classes. And thank God that by this insistence on equality, we have dealt, at least to a certain extent, with some injustice in our world. But let us not be blinded by this insistence on equality to the fact that submission is also a part of God’s message for us. In fact, when I read the Bible, it seems to me that the Scriptures insist more on the matter of submission than on the matter of equality.
Submission is a Christian virtue that should characterize the relationship of the believer to God and His will, and expressed in his relationship to his spiritual family and to the civil authorities of the country.

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