In our last lesson, we studied the third Beatitude of the Lord Jesus, Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. In that lesson, we focused our attention on the meaning of meekness. We tried to answer the question, ‘What did Jesus have in might when He speaks of the meek?’ We saw that the meek are those who are righteous. You cannot be meek without being righteous. We saw also that the meek are those who know to wait for the Lord. They are those who let God be their defense. And finally, we saw that the meek are generous. They give and give, and give. You will remember that we drew these conclusions from the OT, more specifically from Psalm 37.
Today, we will complete our study of this third Beatitude and we will start by returning to Psalm 37. Now that we understand what it means to be meek, we want to ask this question: What is the result of this meekness? What does it bring to the people who reflect that quality? I would like to answer that question with these five points. And as we proceed, you will see that these points will gradually lead us to this notion of inheriting the earth.

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