We will continue today our study of the Lord’s Prayer in the gospel of Matthew. And we will concentrate on v. 11 of Matthew 6. In Matthew 6:11, Jesus asks us to pray this prayer. This is what we read from the New King James Version.
Mathew 6:11. Give us this day our daily bread.
Give us this day our daily bread. The meaning of this prayer seems to be pretty simple. We are asking God to provide our food everyday so that in doing so, we are learning to trust our heavenly Father to meet our physical needs. There doesn’t seem to be much to expound here. But when you know how rich are Jesus’ words everywhere in His teaching, you will not be satisfied with this rather superficial understanding of this verse. In fact, this verse is so rich in meaning that I felt that one lesson on that verse is not enough if I want to do justice to the teaching of Jesus. So you will hear two lessons on Matthew 6:11.

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