In our previous lesson, you will remember that we were studying the words of our Lord Jesus in Matthew 6:11 where He said, Give us this day our daily bread. I pointed out to you that a better translation, according to most Bible scholars today, is to say, Give us this day our bread for the coming day.
And we looked at the meaning of the word ‘bread’ in the Lord’s Prayer. We discovered that it doesn’t merely refer to the physical bread that our body needs. The Lord Jesus was talking also about the spiritual bread that our soul needs. And we saw that this bread is Jesus Himself. ‘I am the bread of life’, He says in John 6, ‘He who eats of Me shall have eternal life.’ So the petition is for a spiritual bread that gives us salvation. And I also pointed out to you that salvation is not a matter of eating that spiritual food once in the past. Salvation, eternal life, is a matter of depending constantly upon that spiritual bread to sustain our spiritual life.

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